Feeder Creek Fly Fishing Assortment - Wet, Dry, and Streamer Flies - 25 Patterns (50 Flies) and Fly Box

Brand: Feeder Creek

Color: Varies


  • 50 Piece classic trout flies assembled by expert fly fisherman. Everything you need to get back on the water.
  • Hand tied from professionals with over 30 years of experience so that you can fool even the fussiest fish.
  • Made with high-quality hooks to make hooking and landing a fish easier.
  • Always top quality. Only the best tied flies are sold to our customers. We have sold thousands of flies all over the world.
  • The high quality waterproof fly box is 7" X 4" . Sets assembled in the United States.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Feeder Creek flies are the top choice for high-quality flies for a fair price.

Feeder Creek offers the largest selection of flies to meet all your fly-fishing needs. Crafted in the supervision of the highest professionals, these flies are exactly what you expect on your fishing day.

Keep your fly box updated and the fish guessing with our ingeniously designed flies.

New And Innovative Patterns: Enable you to catch the fussiest and high-pressured fish. We offer a wide selection of new and innovative pattern flies. These flies are bound to enhance your fishing experience.


This assortment includes a variety of flies to help you catch more fish(2 of each):

Copper John Black 14,16

Brown Stone Nymph 12,18

Hare's Ear Natural 14,16

Flashback Pheasant Tail 14,16

Serendipity 16,20

Copper John Red 14,16

Zug Bug 12,14

Bead Head Pheasant Tail 14,18

Prince 12,14

Quill Gordon Red Wet 14,16

Light Hendrickson Wet 16,18

Caddis Pupa Brown 16,18

CDC Emerger 14,18

Trout Egg (Orange / Yellow) 12

Mayfly Emerger 14,16

Wooly Worm (Green / Yellow) 12

San Juan Worm Brown 12,14

Caddis Pupa Green 14,18

Grey Wulff 14,16

Black Gnat 12,14

Green Drake 14,16

Adams 14,16

Royal Wulff 14,16

Renegade 14,16

Adams Parachute 14,16

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EAN: 11711374267

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