Bead Head Stonefly Black - One Dozen Wet Flies - 3 Sizes 10,12,14

Brand: Feeder Creek


  • There are literally thousand of species of Stoneflies and Feeder Creek offers many varieties. The Tunghead Stonefly Nymph pattern is excellent to run through deep holes, especially in the spring when the water is high. The weighted head sinks fast....down to where the fish are feeding off of nymphs and other sunken treasures. The flash of the bead head and gold ribbed body help attract trout.
  • Hand tied from professionals with over 30 years of experience so that you can fool even the fussiest fish.
  • One of the most productive nymph fly patterns ever made. The bead head helps sink the fly and attract big trout! This pattern can be fished in the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter
  • Made with high-quality hooks to make hooking and landing a fish easier. The gold bead head help it sink and provides the flash to induce a strike.
  • 3 size assortment so you can always match what the fish are feeding on.
UPC: 11711374496


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