KVD Mega Dawg,Oyster

A super sized version of the original Strike King Sexy Dawg, the Strike King KVD Mega Dawg was developed at the request of angling legend, Kevin Vandam to single out the largest and most aggressive predators. Measuring 6" in length and weighing just under 2 oz., the Strike King KVD Mega Dawg features a streamlined profile that allows anglers to �walk the dog� with an outstanding efficiency, whether it is rapidly sashayed or methodically marched across the surface.

Internally, the Strike King KVD Mega Dawg is precisely weighted and fitted with a boisterous rattle chamber that clambers and clanks as it moves across the surface of the water, adding another element of attraction to this oversized bait. Offered in a range of highly effective colors, the Strike King KVD Mega Dawg offers oversized attraction that allows anglers to target that big bite.


- Premium Hooks
- Internal Free-floating Rattles
- Lifelike 3D Eyes


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Class: Topwater
- Color: Oyster
- Length: 6"
- Weight: 2 oz.
- Pack Quantity: 1