SF 3 1-2" SS,MSV,Ntrl Blugill,5-0,1-2oz

Sunfish represent one of the most prolific forage species found in nearly all waterways throughout the USA and Canada; from lakes and rivers to ponds and reservoirs. Fish this lure anywhere Bluegills and Pumpkinseed live; around docks, through grass and weeds, over rock piles and into timber. The protected hook makes this bait easy to penetrate the jungle. The oscillator creates an incredibly life-like swimming action. Available in three sizes and a medium-slow sink speed. Freshwater.


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Model: SFS90MS
- Size: 3 1/2"
- Style: Medium-slow
- Depth: 1' - 8'
- Weight: 1/2 oz.
- Color: Natural Bluegill